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Established in 1996, 3DM has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing laser scanning systems for 20 years. Originally heavily involved with the sawmill and lumber industry 3DM has a great deal of experience in industrial installations as well as dealing with environmental issues like dust and vibration. With scanner systems installed and serviced around the world 3DM has grown to become a worldwide leader in custom industrial scanning solutions.

Industry partners have been an essential part of 3DM since the beginning. The majority of 3DM’s equipment is born from an industry need for a scanning system that goes above and beyond other scanning products. Industry challenges that 3DM has helped to overcome include; high temperature fluctuations, integrating with legacy equipment, high pressure, high speed shape analysis, and internal feature scanning.

3DM prides itself on being a reliable and trustworthy company. Product reliability and lifetime is a core design philosophy at 3DM. All products are built to be maintained and serviced well into a 10+ year service life. 3DM  holds spare parts stock for all equipment so that any equipment that is returned for servicing or replacement can be done no matter the time since being shipped.

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3DM develops custom scanning solutions for OEM partners.

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