3DM has developed and deployed scanning systems into a diverse group of industries. By partnering with OEM’s and industry leaders 3DM has created products that are unique and specific to each need.

With a rich engineering background and experience in many different sectors 3DM has a wider technical understanding than many industry specific integrators. By partnering and manufacturing for specific customer needs we are also able to build a more complete product than an off the shelf scanner  or less flexible product.

Below is a look at some of the industries we are currently involved in.

3DM has installed and serviced equipment around the globe.

Experience in a wide range of industries from biomedical to rubber manufacturing.
3DM constantly strives to deliver a world class product to every customer.


Involved in the railroad scanning industry for over 10 years, 3DM has partnered with a global track scanning and inspection company to provide profile scanners. Railroad track scanning provides a diverse set of challenges including instrumentation with variable grounding, vibration, autonomous operation, sunlight interference, and high train speeds requiring fast shutter and scan speeds.


Based in British Columbia 3DM has been involved in the lumber industry for 15+ years. Originally seeing great success with the Hydra Profiling Scanner being used in many Log Optimizers. Other projects include high speed / high resolution laser calipers for precision length measurement and profile scanning of pieces at various stages of manufacturing for size and other defects.


Partnering with a Vancouver company 3DM currently manufactures and services a line of biomedical scanners used to develop orthopedics. The scanners are also used with infants to track and treat skull defects.


Inspection of parts requires very precise scanners. 3DM provides scanners designed for attachment to CMM’s and other inspection systems. Scanners are able to achieve sub micron resolution with a variety of different form factors.

Rubber and Tire

3DM Provides a wide range of products to a global tire manufacturer. Used for tread profiling, width measurement, tread length measurement and other applications. These scanners provide critical process control information and are required to have virtually no downtime. 3DM has a strong understanding of the challenges required for scanning extruded and cured rubber.

Oil and Gas

Pipe scanning and inspection.

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