Laser Calipers

3DM Laser Calipers are an emitter and receiver paired system used for contactless measurement of a single dimension on a part or surface. Ideal for situations where the precision and speed of standard light curtain scanners is insufficient. Typical applications include, extruded material gauging, sheet metal part inspection, lumber dimensional scanning. System sizes can be as small as 6″ scanning windows up to 72″ width. The system is also highly configurable for situations where there is a dead zone that doesn’t need to be scanned or the only requirement is scanning the leading and trailing edge of a part. Standard scanner speeds are 2Khz with high speed models available.


Scanner Specifications

  • Widths from 6″ to 72″ in 6″ increments
  • 2000 scans per second, indepentent of scan width
  • 0.005″ sensor pixel spacing
  • Visible laser light

Connectivity Options

  • Serial
  • Ethernet
  • PLC Digital Connection

System Options

  • Removable Windows
  • XY scanning
  • High speed scanning up to 10kHz
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