Profile Scanners

3DM Profile Scanners are custom system solutions to provide a scanned profile of virtually any object. Scanner form factors and arrangements are heavily configurable depending on the object being scanned. Systems can comprise of a single head measuring a 2″ square target, all the way up to 32 head system measuring a 72″ strip of material. 3DM provides all the hardware and software to ensure that heads are calibrated with each other and communicating correctly. The flexible architecture also allows easy configuration for different scanner requirements. By assembling all optics in house 3DM is able to have great control over the final product, such as custom laser focus as well as camera focus.


Scanner Specifications

  • Resolution .001″ to .1″
  • Field of View 4″x4″ to 10″x10″
  • Scan Speeds to to 1kHz

Connectivity Options

  • Ethernet – Copper and Fiber
  • USB

System Options

  • Up to 32 Synchronized Scanner Heads
  • Profile matching and analysis
  • PLC feedback and closed loop control
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3DM develops custom scanning solutions for OEM partners.

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