3DM designs, develops and manufactures custom laser scanning systems. Core technologies use laser triangulation as well as sheet of light scanning. Profile Scanners utilize laser triangulation, a combination of a projected laser line and a camera to map the surface of an object. This can be used to inspect an object for geometry or other defects. Laser Calipers use a laser sheet emitter paired with a detector. These scanners are able to measure one dimension of an object based on the occlusion of the emitted laser. Interior scanners are used for situations where it would be impossible or impractical to use standard scanning or inspection systems. These scanners are able to scan the interior of pipes and other closed or hard to reach places. For more information please see the technology specific pages below.

Additionally 3DM also deploys custom software to interface with scanners and provide displays and interfaces for monitoring and configuring the system. Software solutions are also available for integrating with existing customer software and hardware. Custom solutions for measuring complex shapes or interfacing with plant PLC’s are frequently delivered.


Scanners and products are custom designed to provide the best possible solution to each customers need.
3DM maintains control over the entire manufacturing process, insuring that each piece from the circuit board compenent level all the way up to the final system are tested and performing correctly.
Custom integrations for existing systems and equipment are common practice at 3DM. We are able to provide solutions for communicating with all common PLC’s as well as other proprietary software.


Profile Scanning

Scanners utilizing a laser line and camera to build a 3D image of the target. Incorporated in many different form factors and scanning systems.


Laser Caliper

Sheet of light technology to measure a single dimension at high speed and accuracy.

Interior Scanning

Used to scan inside traditionally hard to access areas, including piping, extrusions, and machined parts.


System Software

Custom software to meet industry and customer needs.

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3DM develops custom scanning solutions for OEM partners.

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